Open Letter for “La Porta”

Dear friends, companions, members, women, and lesbians on the path that have found part of your place on earth in this space of meeting, healing, growth, and creation that is La Porta:

We turn to you today because we are beginning a campaign to raise funds to buy this land, the house, and barn, surrounded by 20 acres of woods. Some of you know that this project of buying the land has been in the works for many years, but until now we couldn’t move forward because the price the owner was asking was too high relative to the value of the property.

In the last two months, the situation has changed; the health of the older woman who owns the land has deteriorated and she received an offer from a hunter who would like to use the barn as a place to raise hunting dogs.

For these reasons, the price has dropped by half compared to that asked in previous years and rests at 80,000 euros. It therefore seems the right time to pool our resources together, and not only economic resources, so that the procurement of this land can be done through donation and not with debt.

We do not want to move and act from a place of fear and threat, but rather flip the situation and transform it into a force of solidarity and direct our attention to this place that has been dedicated women’s land since 1998. We want to do this so that finally this property can be freed from patriarchal ownership and from a mentality of exploitation of animals, earth, and forest. We want to realize the primary intention of our work here, that is autonomy and authenticity.

Ever since 2006 when we began organizing events open to all women, we have had hundreds of women visit and we have experienced the beauty and magic of an ancient environment that is deeply rooted inside every woman, on conscious and subconscious levels, a place that we all desire. We can define it as a long journey freeing ourselves from patriarchal structures and healing from deep wounds that prevent us from accessing a way of life that is more authentic and infinitely richer. La Porta is a place that for 20 years has welcomed women and lesbians in search of themselves and in search of healthy relationships through art, encounters, individual and group work, workshops, courses, and seminars – it is a place that fosters moments in which we create and mature our awareness of our unity and of our worth.

On our website, you can further your understanding of the spirit of our projects, our activities, and the region of this land:

Our work here is continually in progress, but this jump that we feel called to do at this time will give us stability and solidity that until now has not been possible. We will be able to renovate spaces like the barn to make them more conducive to activities, fix the road, install equipment to harvest renewable energy, and protect the woods and its creatures from hunting, making it into a reserve.

The new La Porta will be a strengthening of all the political, cultural, and spiritual work that has been carried out, experienced, and lived there. It will host and organize holistic and cultural activities, widening and strengthening its foundation so that it may rise and grow, reaching ever greater numbers of women that know of its existence.

With this goal, we ask you to make a donation that you feel inspired to give to this project because we firmly believe that the energy of giving can reverse the predisposition to economic shortage and instability that the blackmailing neoliberal and capitalist economy is based on.

A donation to this project can be more than financial, it can also be the gift of your time to spread information among the people you know who may be interested in contributing. It will be much easier to gather the necessary funds for the purchase of this land if the group of people contributing is large. Your ideas and suggestions are also welcome, as are whatever skills and resources you wish to offer either personally, through the internet, or via phone. We are available to make presentations about our project and visions to associations and collectives that you may know.

In order to start the collection of funds quickly, we decided to start by asking the people that we know and that know La Porta. Then, we want to expand to the circles of those people. Crowdfunding sites charge fees and collect a percentage of each donation, and they also require a video, which for now we do not have. We believe, however, that the contributions of the people already in our circles, that we have known for years and that we are close to, will help get us to a large sum.

To ensure the transparency of your donation, keep you informed of our progress collecting funds, and to keep you updated about the acquisition of the land, we will regularly send screenshots of our account to every person who donates as well as short, homemade videos about the developments of the project.

You can send your gift via wire transfer to this account:

Ana Maria Meloni
IBAN  IT17E0347501605CC0010563957
Conto 563957
CAB 01605
ABI 03475

As a subject or reason for the transfer please record it as a GIFT toward the purchase of Terra di Donne. Please also send us your email so that we can keep in contact with you and keep you up to date.

I call on you because you can respond. You’re ready now to harvest the fruits of your labors and the seeds of your intent of so many years. The earth is smiling on you now and it is singing a song of love and belonging that holds the colors of all the flowers. Do not worry, every gift will be received in peace and delivered to the earth so that it may flourish. Your body is the gift you have received, and now I call on you to give form that is sacred earth, earth from which you come, earth that will change your name. Wake up, don’t obscure yourself with doubt because now is the right time for you, it is the right time to link yourself to a grand design that you yourself created and searched for. You will receive great bounty giving your presence to the flower that is opening inside of you. You will receive love in giving love because you cannot lose something you don’t have.

You will no longer feel alone because there is not a single instant in which you won’t feel the water that surrounds you and changes you, the water of the children of the earth. And when you respond to my call, I will watch over your strides toward the sky, and together we will celebrate the fire that has never separated us. I call you, daughter of the earth, so that you can reintegrate me with the sky. If your roots become again fertile, I will be able to plant many stars in your heart and together with you change the course of events, until you are liberated from your tormentors and drive you further than the limits of what you think you know. I call you because you are ready to dream and ready to plants sparks that you have kept hidden and nurture them with the water of trust. I call you because you can respond to me and participate in the grandest design that is being created in the invisible world that you cannot yet imagine, a design in which you are the creatress and nothing that belongs to you can ever be taken away.